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Also indexed as:Enzyme (Lipase), Fat-Digesting Enzyme
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How to Use It

Products that contain lipase also usually contain other enzymes that help digest carbohydrates and protein. In the U.S., pancreatin, which contains lipase, amylase, and proteases, is rated against a government standard. For example, “9X pancreatin” is nine times stronger than the government standard. Each “X” contains 25 USP units of amylase, 2 USP units of lipase, and 25 USP units of proteolytic enzymes. Taking 1.5 grams of 9X pancreatin (or a higher amount at lower potencies) with each meal can help people with pancreatic insufficiency digest food.

Where to Find It

Most of the body’s lipase is manufactured in the pancreas, although some of it is secreted in the saliva, as well. Pancreatin contains lipase along with two other groups of enzymes: proteases and amylase.

Possible Deficiencies

People with pancreatic insufficiency and cystic fibrosis frequently require supplemental lipase and other enzymes. In addition, those with celiac disease1 or Crohn’s disease2 and perhaps some people suffering from indigestion3 may be deficient in pancreatic enzymes including lipase.

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