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Premium Quality Spices from Around the World

Discover the complex flavors, exotic aromas and tantalizing taste sensations of premium culinary spices. Plus they’re healthy too! Research now shows that common kitchen spices such as Turmeric, Cayenne, Cinnamon and Ginger can help improve heart, joint and blood pressure wellness! So go ahead and stock up on your favorite healthy spices and create culinary masterpieces your friends and family will love.

Why get your spices from Penn Herb Company instead of the supermarket?

    • Price…You get premium quality spices at a reasonable price.
    • Quality…Each spice is hand-selected, packaged in a convenient shaker-top bottle and sealed for freshness.
    • Selection…Find a wide variety of common and not-so-common spices for today’s popular recipes.

Discover the healing secrets of black pepper, cloves, cinnamon, oregano, and other popular spices. For a limited time get Dr. Susan Smith Jones’ Spice Booklet FREE with any size order. Enter Promo Code SPICEBK at Checkout.

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Peppercorns, Pink, Whole, 4 oz (Schinus terebinthifolius)
Savor The Subtle, Sweet Flavor of Pink "Pepper"
Item #314AW4

Poppy Seed - Whole, 2.5 oz jar
Add A Mild Nutty Flavor To Breads & Desserts
Item #335JW

Rosemary Leaves - Crushed, 1.1 oz
The Robust Spice for Lamb & Grilled Meats
Item #360JC

Rosemary Leaves - Ground, 1.4 oz
The Robust Spice for Lamb & Grilled Meats
Item #360JP

Sage - Crushed, 0.5 oz
Bold, Warming Spice for Stews & Stuffing
Item #366JC

Sage - Powder, 1.1 oz
Bold, Warming Spice for Rich, Fatty Dishes
Item #366JP

Sesame Seeds - Whole, 2.4 oz
Your Must-Have Ingredient for Authentic Stir Fries & Tahini
Item #E58DJW
Out of Stock

Spanish Saffron, Whole, 1 gram
Crocus sativus
Item #365JW

Summer Savory - Crushed, 0.8 oz
Add a “Peppery” Flavor Boost to Bean Dishes
Item #409JC

Summer Savory - Ground, 1.4 oz
Add a “Peppery” Flavor Boost to Bean Dishes
Item #409JP

Turmeric Powder, 2.2 oz
The Golden Spice for Your Healthy Recipes
Item #423JP

Vanilla Beans - Whole, 3 beans
Indulge in Premium Vanilla Beans from Madagascar
Item #428AJW

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