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American Saffron

Botanical Name: Carthamus tinctorius

Also known as: Dyer's Saffron, False Saffron, Mexican Saffron, Koosumbha

Country of Origin: China, India

Feel better on a daily basis when you incorporate American saffron (Carthamus tinctorius) into your daily routine. While you may be familiar with the saffron spice often used in cooking, this distinctive variety of saffron promotes joint support, digestive comfort and more. And when you shop at Penn Herb Company, you have your choice of capsules or whole flowers if you decide to start using American saffron to improve your overall health. Learn more about what this powerful herb is capable of doing.

What Is American Saffron?

Also known as Dyer's saffron, false saffron, Mexican saffron, koosumbha (East India) and hoang-chi (China), American saffron is best known for its culinary uses and its vibrant red-orange color. However, it also has several medicinal properties, including promoting better circulation, soothing the digestive system and providing joint support. Other uses for American saffron include gentle colon cleansing, easing menstrual cramps and boosting throat, bronchial and respiratory health.

Those who have also heard of Spanish saffron (Crocus sativus) will be pleased to discover that the American version can be used interchangeably but costs significantly less.

How to Use Saffron for Health Benefits

When you shop at Penn Herb Company, you can decide which form of American saffron works best for your needs. The vibrantly colored Safflower petals blossom with healthy compounds that can help with circulation, flexibility or digestive issues like occasional heartburn, upset stomach, gas and intestinal discomfort. A capsule can be taken at mealtime to help with these issues, or you can create a fresh herbal tea using wild harvested American saffron flowers. Either way, you’ll love that this colorful flower provides natural relief for common ailments and health issues.

Shop at Penn Herb Company today to discover affordable prices on high-quality, reliable herbal supplements like American saffron. We’re your one-stop herb and remedy shop for all of your herbal nutrition needs.

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American Saffron Flowers Capsules - 600 mg, 60 Veg Capsules (Carthamus tinctorius)
Flower Power For Joint & Digestive Comfort
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American Saffron Flowers Capsules - 600 mg, 60 Veg Capsules (Carthamus tinctorius)
Flower Power For Joint & Digestive Comfort
Item #P364X

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