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Sleep Aids

Natural Remedies for Restful Sleep

The importance of sleep to your health cannot be overstated. It affects your ability to deal with stress, daily mental performance, immune health, energy levels, and even healthy weight loss. Fortunately, there are alternatives to counting sheep to help you get a restful night’s sleep.

Awake refreshed and renewed with nature’s time-tested sleep solutions:

  • Melatonin… Shift work? Jet lag? Time change? Melatonin helps reset your internal clock.
  • Passionflower, Valerian…Popular bedtime herbs turn off the “mental chatter”, relax tense muscles and calm nerves to help you settle into a deep, restful sleep. Favorites!
  • Relax Liquid Extract … Kava complex provides fast-acting support for occasional sleeplessness due to pain.
  • Sleep Support …Experience nighttime relaxation and restful sleep with our breakthrough blend of soothing herbs and calming nutrients.

Consider these essential oils that have been studied for their sleep-aiding properties

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Sleep, 100 tablets (Hyland's)
Relieve Sleeplessness Caused By Worry & Stress
Item #D91E

Tulsi Tea - Sleep, 18 tea bags (Organic India)
Relax With This Soothing Nighttime Blend
Item #C45D

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