Nature’s Wonderland Special Herbal Formulas

Nature's Wonderland Special Herbal formulas were developed by Dr. Konstanty Kalkosinski, a respected and admired master herbalist, chiropractor, naturopath and founder of Penn Herb Company. For over 85 years, naturopathic physicians have recommended these formulas to their patients, and health conscious consumers rely on these remedies as natural alternatives to chemical medications.

All Nature's Wonderland Special Herbal formulas feature:

  • Superior quality herbs masterfully blended in exact proportions to ensure optimum results
  • VcapsTM Vegetarian capsules that contain absolutely no animal byproducts
  • Airtight, light protective packaging
  • Double sealed for safety and freshness
  • Backed by our Quality Assurance Guarantee!
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Blood Cleansing and Detoxification Heart and Circulatory System Support Sinus, Respiratory and Allergy Support
Blood Pressure and Blood Sugar Support Immune System Support Sleep and Stress Assistance
Colon Cleansing and Intestinal Health Joint and Bone Support Smoking Cessation Assistance
Eye Health Men's Health and Sexual Performance Weight Loss and Diuretics
Hair Care Mood, Energy and Mental Enhancers Women's Remedies


Special Herbal Formula

Capsules Tea


Blood Cleansing






Blood Purifier 60 Vcaps 3 oz Daily, Non-Laxative Blood Cleanser
Blood Purifying Formula 60 Vcaps 4 oz 12-Herb Cleanser For All Your Body's Systems (Laxative)
Catfish Bitters Mix 60 Vcaps 3 oz Ideal Change-of-Season Cleansing & Rejuvenative Tonic 
Glands Support 60 Vcaps 2 1/2 oz Detoxify Swollen Glands - Best Seller!
Healthy Liver & Gallbladder Support 60 Vcaps 3 oz Milk Thistle Complex Supports & Protects Liver Function 
Herbal Detoxification Formula 60 Vcaps 3 oz Flush Out Toxins & Rejuvenate Immune Health
Liver & Gall Bladder Mix 60 Vcaps N/A Stimulate The Liver's Purifying Function  
Blood Pressure Support 
Blood Sugar Support



Garlic & Parsley Mix 60 Vcaps N/A Blood Pressure Support - Without Telltale Garlic Breath
Pressu-Relieve 60 Vcaps 3 oz Relieve The Daily Pressures Of This Hypertensive World
Gluco-Ease Plus 60 Vcaps 3 oz Blood Sugar Concerns? Ease Your Mind and Help Your Health
Pancreas Support Formula 60 Vcaps N/A Promote Healthy Pancreas Function & Glucose Metabolism
Colon Cleansing
Intestinal Health




Bowel Cleanser 60 Vcaps N/A Extra-Strength Cleanser For Occasional Constipation
Herbal Purifying Laxative 60 Vcaps 3 oz Gentle Cleanser For Occasional Constipation
Frank Roberts DU Formula 60 Vcaps N/A A Naturopathic Alternative For Intestinal Comfort
Lower Bowel Formula 60 Vcaps 4 oz Cleanse And Rebuild Colon For Renewed Vitality
Soothing Bowel Support 60 Vcaps 2 1/2 oz Soothe Irritated Bowels & Ease Digestive Discomforts
Eye Health Eyebright Formula 60 Vcaps 2 oz Preserve and Promote Healthy Vision At Any Age
Hair Care Herbal Hair & Scalp Conditioner N/A 2 1/2 oz Hair Tonic Invigorates Scalp and Hair Growth
Heart Support
Circulatory System



Circu-Assist 60 Vcaps  3 oz Revitalizing, Warming Circulatory Support
Circu-Assist Laxative 60 Vcaps 3 oz Warming Circulatory Support PLUS Gentle Laxative Relief
Healthy Heart Support 60 Vcaps 2 1/2 oz Herbal Heart Food For Peak Cardiovascular Performance
Immune System Support



Echinacea-Goldenseal Plus 60 Vcaps N/A Targeted Blend For Immediate Immune Support
Golden Seal & Myrrh 60 Vcaps 2 oz Reinforce Immune Defenses With Nature's Top Protectors
Immune Boost 60 Vcaps 3 oz Gentle Immune Tonic Helps You Feel & Look Great
Joint and Bone Support


Bone, Flesh & Cartilage (BFC) 60 Vcaps 3 oz On The Mend? Feel Better Fast With Joint & Tissue Nutrition
Joint Ease -  Now with Turmeric! 60 Vcaps 3 oz Promotes Joint Flexibility & Muscle Comfort
Men's Health and Sexual Performance



Nature Vitality 60 Vcaps 3 oz Restore Passion, Pleasure & Performance
Prostaid Plus 60 Vcaps 3 oz 10-Herb Prostate Tonic Eases Discomfort 
Supreme Cada-Gin-Guy 60 Vcaps N/A Fire Up Sexual Energy & Performance
Mood, Energy and Mental Enhancers



Emotional Rescue 60 Vcaps 3 oz Promote Positive Mood And Find Your Inner Peace
Capsicum & Guarana 60 Vcaps N/A Supercharge Your Energy With Brazilian Guarana & Cayenne!
Mental Alertness 60 Vcaps  3 oz Mental Performance Tonic Boosts Memory & Concentration
Thyroid Formula 60 Vcaps N/A The Forgotten Gland For Maximum Energy & Weight Loss
Sinus, Respiratory and Allergy Support





Breathe Free 60 Vcaps 3 oz Help Yourself To Free Breathing & Strengthen Lung Function
Cough & Sinus Formula 60 Vcaps N/A Calm Respiratory Discomfort AND Get The Rest You Need
Lung Care Composition Blend 60 Vcaps 3 oz A Master Blend For Immune & Respiratory Health
Respiratory Defense 60 Vcaps 3 oz Extra-Strength Support For The Throat, Lungs & Bronchial Passage
Sinu-Care 60 Vcaps 3 oz Sneezin' Season? Soothe Allergy & Sinus Miseries
Sinus & Lung Care 60 Vcaps 3 oz Your Herbal Shield For Immune & Respiratory Wellness
Sleep and Stress Assistance Herbal Tranquil-A-Tea 60 Vcaps 3 oz Relieve "Pressure Cooker" Days And Get A Good Night's Sleep
Smoking Cessation Assistance Nico-Hab-Stop 60 Vcaps 3 oz Make The Transition To A Healthy, Smoke-Free Life
Weight Loss and Diuretics




Cellulite Formula 60 Vcaps N/A Fight Ugly Cellulite & Promote Elasticity
Trim & Slim 60 Vcaps 3 oz Burn Fat, Shed Pounds And Slim Down
Water Away Herbal Diuretic 60 Vcaps 3 oz Gentle Relief For Bloating and Water-Weight Gain
Water Away Plus Herbal Diuretic 60 Vcaps 3 oz Extra Strength Relief For Bloating and Water-Weight Gain
Women's Remedies:
Menstrual Health
Sexual Health






Antispasmodic Mixture 60 Vcaps 5 1/2 oz Ease Muscular & Menstrual Cramps
Female Corrective Combination 60 Vcaps N/A Soothes Menstrual Discomforts & Supports a Smooth Female Cycle
Hormone & Estrogen Blend 60 Vcaps N/A Hormonal Balance For ALL Stages Of A Woman's Life
Hormonal Regulator 60 Vcaps 2 1/2 oz Banish PMS Mood Swings, Irritability And Discomforts
Kor-Gin-Guy 60 Vcaps N/A Heat Things Up With Our Warming, Sensual Blend
Meno-Fem-Change 60 Vcaps 3 oz Female Vitality Blend Eases Menopausal Discomforts
Prenatal Formula 60 Vcaps N/A Traditional Blend Facilitates Easier Delivery