Immune Boost™ Tea,  3 oz (Nature's Wonderland)

Immune Boost™ Tea, 3 oz (Nature's Wonderland)


The Immune Tonic That Helps You Feel Good & Look Great

  • Activates immune system defense
  • Plus herbal blood builder, Yellow Dock
  • BEAUTY BONUS: Promotes beautiful complexion

Immune Boost™ works on multiple levels to fine-tune your defenses. The precise blend flushes toxins, supports healthy kidney function, and jump starts immune system function. And best of all, Immune Boost™ cleansing action promotes healthy looking skin!

Immune Boost™ not helps you feel better, the traditional herbal blend promotes clear complexion too! Healthy blood is reflected in healthy skin, and the main ingredients in Immune Boost™ are:

  • BURDOCK…nature's top blood purifier, is the herb of choice for promoting clear complexion.
  • ECHINACEA…the popular immune tonic also calms irritated skin.
  • YELLOW DOCK…this gentle detoxifier supports the liver's cleansing action - a cornerstone for any effective herbal skincare formula.

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  • Common use:

    Enhances immune system function, detoxifies; builds healthy blood; promotes healthy skin.

    Suggested directions:

    Pour 8 oz of freshly boiled water over 1 heaping teaspoon of tea. Cover and allow to steep 4-7 minutes, then strain. Drink 2-4 cups daily. To enhance flavor, add honey, stevia and/or lemon to suit your personal taste. SEE PRODUCT LABEL FOR CAUTIONS.

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