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Guys, now is the time have a game plan in place to help you stay strong, active and in control of your health. Healthy lifestyle choices coupled with natural remedies offer targeted support for peak performance and male vitality.

Get results you can see and feel for peak performance:

  • Active Man Multivitamin …Comprehensive blend of essential vitamins, super foods and power herbs to fuel the active man's lifestyle.
  • Black Maca Root…The preferred Peruvian root for male performance and vitality! New!
  • Saw Palmetto Pygeum Plus…Extra strength prostate & urinary tract comfort with concentrated time-tested herbal extracts.
  • ViriloMax…Activated herbal blend boosts libido and healthy testosterone levels.

Discover more self-care tips and natural solutions to help you stay strong, active, and in control.

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Active Man Multivitamin, 90 Tablets (Nature's Wonderland)
Boost Daily Performance With Power Herbs & Nutrients
Item #V1212

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Hawthorn Berry Standardized Extract - 300 mg, 60 Vcaps™ (Nature's Wonderland)
Extra Strength Tonic For Cardiovascular & Blood Pressure Support
Item #V77

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Prostaid Plus™ - 575 mg, 60 Vcaps (Nature's Wonderland)
Get Natural Relief Fast With Our Prostate Comfort Formula
Item #S44AX

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Saw Palmetto Pygeum Plus, 60 Softgels (Nature's Wonderland)
Concentrated Extracts for Maximum Prostate Comfort & Support
Item #V7261

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ViriloMax™ Men’s Virility Support, 60 Capsules (Nature's Wonderland)
Men's Virility Blend Boosts Libido & Testosterone
Item #V8731

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Zinc - 50 mg, 100 tablets (Nature's Wonderland)
Mineral Nutrition For Immune & Antioxidant Support
Item #V55

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Fo-Ti Root Capsules, 675 mg, 60 Vcaps™ (Polygonum multiflorum)
Unlock The Secret To Youthful Energy & Vitality!
Item #168AX

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Saw Palmetto Capsules - 700 mg, 60 Vcaps™ (Serenoa serrulata)
Traditional Male Tonic Promotes Prostate Comfort
Item #375X

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Enzyme Nutrition™ Multivitamin for Men, 60 capsules (Enzymedica)
Enzyme-Activated Nutrients For Men's Nutritional Needs
Item #BEN01
$26.99 SRP $29.99 Save $3.00

Erectile Enhancer - 250 mg, 4 capsules (Novus Optimum)
Maximize Your Satisfaction & Performance
Item #B51J

Hair Skin & Nails For Men, 75 tablets (Futurebiotics)
Exclusive Blend For Today's Health-Conscious Man
Item #A53F
$9.95 SRP $13.95 Save $4.00

Maca Root, Black, Organic, 60 Veg Caps (Lepidium meyenii)
Black Peruvian Power Root Boosts Libido
Item #250RX

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Men's One Daily Multivitamins, 30 tablets (Mega Food)
Men's Whole Food Multi For Energy & Stress Support
Item #B27F
$24.99 SRP $25.96 Save $0.97

Prosta Max, 50 tablets (Country Life)
Men's Nutritional Prostate Complex
Item #B26C

Testosterone Factors™, 60 vegetarian tablets (Michael's Naturopathic)
Essential Nutrients For Normal Testosterone Production
Item #BMNP12

Testosterone UP™, 60 liquid softgels (Irwin Naturals)
Longjack Blend Boosts Testosterone For Enhanced Male Performance
Item #B61E
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