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Vitamin C

”C” Your Way To Better Health All Year Long

Vitamin C is one of the most widely used vitamin and with good reason! Not only does it provide superior immune & antioxidant support, but vitamin C is beneficial for well over 20 common conditions including joint & cartilage health, tissue repair, vision support, and stress relief, to name just a few! See what else this super vitamin can do for you.

Why do we need Vitamin C? Our bodies cannot make it, and so we must obtain this necessary vitamin through a diet that includes citrus fruits, berries, green leafy vegetables or by supplementation.

We offer various forms of vitamin C to match your individual needs:

  • Super-C 1000, Buffered…High potency, gentle-on-the-stomach with all day benefits
  • OptiSorb C-500…Gentle-to-the-stomach C enhanced with Alpha Lipoic Acid & Calcium for better absorption
  • Chewable C-500…Natural orange juice flavored lozenges ideal for kids and those who cannot swallow tablets

Vitamin C is more than just a cold season vitamin; take advantage of its benefits all year long.

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C-1000 Ultra Complex Sustained Release, 100 Tablets (Nature's Wonderland)
Long Lasting C + Bioflavonoids, Rosehips, Acerola
Item #V4422

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C-500 with Rose Hips, 100 Tablets (Nature's Wonderland)
"C" Your Way To Antioxidant Immune Support!
Item #V72

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Liquid C - 500 mg, 4 fl oz (Nature's Wonderland)
Easy-To-Take Immune Support
Item #SK994

Vitamin C and Bio-Quercetin, 60 vegetarian tablets (Life Extension)
Ultra-Absorbable Immune Support
Item #BLF09

Orange C Gummies, 60 gummies (Zand)
Immune Boost with Vitamin C, Acerola & Rose Hips
Item #BZA01

Vitamin C + Ionic Zinc, 2 fl oz (Trace Minerals Research)
Maximum Support for Immunity And More
Item #BTM32

Vitamin C Crystals, 4.4 oz (Bluebonnet)
Easy-To-Mix C for Maximum Immune Support
Item #BBL66

Vitamin C Crystals, 8.8 oz (Bluebonnet)
Easy-To-Mix C for Maximum Immune Support
Item #BBL67
Out of Stock

Vitamin C Liquid - 1000 mg, 16 fl oz (Dynamic Health)
An Immune Boost That's Easy To Swallow
Item #EDDH23

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