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Botanical Name: Gaultheria spp.

Country of Origin: India, USA

Wintergreen is a sturdy plant species with good resistance to drought. Its leaves remain green during the winter season, which inspired its name. Native to North America, indigenous people are known to have valued wintergreen as a natural remedy for helping with a range of discomforts, including headaches and various muscle aches. While it produces a bright, red fruit, most uses involve dried leaves or essential oil. Due to its ongoing popularity, we offer wintergreen as loose cut leaves, a fine powder and a premium quality oil.

Harvested Cut Leaves or Fine Powder

At Penn Herb Company, Ltd., we're choosy about where we source our herbs from, and that means that we seek out only the best quality of wintergreen leaves to offer our customers. All our listings feature wild harvested leaves that are carefully picked and processed to maintain the plant's natural integrity. Find various quantities of cut leaves that can be used as is or blended with other cut herbs. Alternatively, we know that some customers prefer our fine powder, and this too is offered in our most popular bulk powder quantities.

The Original Aspirin

When Europeans first arrived in North America, many discovered that Native Americans liked to use the leaves of the wintergreen plant as a treatment for certain pains. The leaf does contain chemical properties that are very similar to aspirin. Today, the leaves are still used in topical herbal remedies, continuing this long tradition.

Cooling Essential Oil

When muscles and joints are aching, the cooling effects of wintergreen can provide welcome relief. Find wintergreen essential oil to use for anti-inflammatory topical preparations.

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Wintergreen Essential Oil, 1 fl oz (Gaultheria procumbens)
Cooling, Mentholated Relief
Item #560-1

Wintergreen Leaves, Cut, 1 oz
Gaultheria spp.
Item #456C1

Wintergreen Leaves, Cut, 16 oz
Gaultheria spp.
Item #456C16

Wintergreen Leaves, Cut, 4 oz
Gaultheria spp.
Item #456C4

Wintergreen Leaves, Powder, 1 oz
Gaultheria spp.
Item #456P1

Wintergreen Leaves, Powder, 16 oz
Gaultheria spp.
Item #456P16

Wintergreen Leaves, Powder, 4 oz
Gaultheria spp.
Item #456P4

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