Respiratory Defense™ Tea,  3 oz (Nature's Wonderland)

Respiratory Defense™ Tea, 3 oz (Nature's Wonderland)


Traditional Blend for Bronchial Comfort

  • Supports healthy lung & bronchial function
  • Soothes the throat

"This blend has been used by our family for over 3 generations. We brew a pot of this tasty tea, add a little honey and lemon, and we’re good in no time." - Bill Betz Jr., Owner Penn Herb.

This delightful tea blend with a mild Licorice aroma supports healthy bronchial function and soothes the respiratory passages to help you breathe easier.

Look at some of the beneficial herbs in this formula:

  • Elecampane…respiratory tonic relaxes air passages to promote clear breathing.
  • Irish Moss…soothing seaweed supports healthy bronchial and lung functions.
  • Anise, Licorice…the sweet root and spice herb soothe the throat and respiratory system.

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  • Ingredients:

    Scullcap herb, Buckthorn Bark, Licorice root, Mullein Flowers, Anise seed, Elecampane root, Wild Cherry bark, Irish Moss, Yerba Santa leaves, Black root, Burdock root, Sarsparilla root, Yellow Dock root, Mullein leaves.

    Common use:

    Supports healthy lung and bronchial function; provides soothing support for mucus tissue, such as the throat and respiratory system; supports healthy bronchial passages.

    Suggested directions:

    Pour 8 oz of freshly boiled water over 1 heaping teaspoon of tea. Drink 2-4 cups daily. To enhance flavor, add honey, stevia and/or lemon to suit your personal taste. SEE PRODUCT LABEL FOR CAUTIONS.

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