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Benzoin Gum

Botanical Name: Styrax benzoin

Also known as: An-Hsi-Hsiang, Benjamin Tree, Styrax Gum

Country of Origin: Sumatra

Take advantage of the healing power of nature with benzoin gum powder from Penn Herb Company. This unique herbal remedy is used for important health benefits, including improved upper respiratory tract function. Benzoin gum also has a long and fascinating history its use around the world for medicinal purposes. If you're looking for an affordable and high-quality nutritional supplement to help with your respiratory health, check out this guide to benzoin gum.

What is Benzoin Gum?

Also known as an-hsi-hsiang, Benjamin tree, styrax gum or styrax benzoin, this unique supplement actually comes from a specific type of tree. Benzoin gum is carefully harvested from the styrax tree, which is found mostly in Thailand, Sumatra, Java and other tropical areas of Asia. It has a slightly sweet, vanilla-like scent that's very appealing. Benzoin gum is used to produce a resin or powder which can be added to preparations that promote better respiratory health. In addition, it's often used in skin care products for its lovely aromatic quality and because it acts as a fixative, ensuring that other fragrances in the blend don't fade away.

How to Use Benzoin Gum

With styrax gum, you'll want to use a powder to get fast and effective benefits. The powder can be directly added to meals or baked goods to add slight flavoring while experiencing the health benefits associated with this substance. In addition, an-hsi-hsiang can be added to incense for aromatic effects. With skin care products like body powders and creams, the powder can be blended in for a DIY at-home remedy.

If you're on the hunt for quality herbal supplements that won't break the bank, you've come to the right place. Make Penn Herb Company your go-to resource for affordable, natural remedies to get great products like benzoin gum for less.

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Benzoin Gum, Powder, 1 oz
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Styrax benzoin
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Styrax benzoin
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Benzoin Gum, Powder, 4 oz
Benzoin Gum, Powder, 4 oz WILD HARVESTED
Styrax benzoin
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