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The Supplies You Need for Loose Leaf Tea

There are a lot of different teas out there. From classic black tea and green to teas infused elderberry, sage, ginger or lemongrass, everyone has their favorite cup. But what all of them have in common is that they taste better when they’re brewed right. That’s why Penn Herb Company, Ltd. has the best tea accessories for making a morning, afternoon or nighttime cup.

We sell everything you need to bring tea from the cupboard to the cup. You’ll find all-in-one teapots, bamboo tea strainers, tea filters and other loose leaf tea accessories. If you need a stainless steel tea infuser to steep your hot water, you’ll find mesh tea balls, steel spoons, teapot-shaped infusers and other stylish ways to get your tea just right. Those who prefer classic tea bags will find cloth bags and squeezer tongs. Our honey dippers and spoons are the perfect way to top off your cup.

Shop at Penn Herb Company, Ltd. for a better cup of tea. Our friendly customer service team will help you find the right accessories to go with your natural herbs to make tea you’ll love.

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Bamboo Tea Strainer, 1 unit
A Truly Natural Way To Enjoy Your Cup Of Tea
Item #F14J

Honey Dipper,  1 dipper  (Harold Import Co. Inc.)
Wooden Honey Dipper
Item #F12A
Out of Stock

Muslin Cotton Bags, 4 bags (Size: 3 x 4)
Reusable Bags for Tea & Spices
Item #FHI26

T-Sac Tea Filters - Size 1, 100 empty tea bags
Single Serve Filter For Loose Teas
Item #F14K
Manufacturer out of stock

Tea Ball, 2" Mesh Wonder Ball
Fine Mesh Tea Ball For All Loose Teas
Item #F13A

Tea Ball, 3" Mesh Wonder Ball
Fine Mesh Tea Ball For All Loose Teas
Item #F13B

Tea Ball, Stainless Steel (Harold Import Co.)
Stainless Tea Ball Infuser
Item #F14A

Tea Pot Infuser With Caddy
Enjoy Your Cup Of Tea In Style
Item #F14H

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