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Pure Plant Oils For Everyday Use

Pure plant oils are ideal alternatives for carrier or base oils for DIY natural cosmetic blends, as well as for use in your natural hair and skin care regimen.

Our selection of plants oils include:

  • Coconut Oil: Tropical oil & exceptional moisturizer is great for use by itself or as a base for your natural skin care products
  • Hemp Seed Oil: Rejuvenating hair and skin care oil with a non-greasy base and a pleasant nutty scent.
  • Olive Oil: Discover the Mediterranean secret for healthy hair, skin, nails and more!

For a list of nutritional oils, such as Black Seed and Flax Seed oil, select category Oils, Nutritional. For pure essential oils and additional carrier oils, go to category Essential Oils.

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Coconut Oil, Extra Virgin,  8 fl oz (Nature's Wonderland)
Get The Tropical Oil For Silky Soft Skin & Lustrous Hair
Item #564B-8
$6.95 SRP $8.95 Save $2.00

Coconut Oil, Extra Virgin, 4 fl oz (Nature's Wonderland)
Get The Tropical Oil For Silky Soft Skin & Lustrous Hair
Item #564B-4
Out of Stock

Olive Oil, Extra Virgin, 4 fl oz
The Mediterranean Secret for Dry Hair, Skin & Nails
Item #569-4

Almond Oil, 8 fl oz (Uncle Harry's)
Massage & Nourish Skin With Sweet Almond Oil
Item #583-8

Argan Hair Oil, 2 fl oz / 59.1 ml (W.S. Badger Co.)
Daily Leave-In Conditioning for Dry, Damaged Hair
Item #A90B

Avocado Oil, 4 fl oz (Hobe Labs)
Moisturize Dry Skin & Reduce Fine Lines
Item #A86B
$8.49 SRP $9.95 Save $1.46

Damascus Rose Antioxidant Face Oil, 1 fl oz / 29.5 ml (W.S. Badger Co.)
Organic Face Moisturizing Oil for Dry & Delicate Skin
Item #A88K
$14.95 SRP $16.99 Save $2.04

Grape Seed Oil, 4 fl oz (Hobe Labs)
Restore & Condition Damaged, Irritated Skin
Item #A86C

Jojoba Oil - Organic, 4 fl oz (Hobe Labs)
Moisturize And Protect Hair, Scalp & Skin
Item #A86D

Jojoba Oil,  2 fl oz (Desert Essence)
Nature's Ideal Moisturizer For Hair, Skin & Scalp
Item #A53A

Jojoba Oil,  4 fl oz (Desert Essence)
100% Pure Jojoba Oil for Hair, Skin & Scalp
Item #A53B

Neatsfoot Oil, 1 fl oz
Leather's Natural Preservative
Item #568-1

Sesame Oil, 4 fl oz (Hobe Labs)
Silky Smooth Moisturizer For All Skin Types
Item #A86E
Out of Stock

Sweet Almond Oil, 4 fl oz (Hobe Labs)
Soothe & Soften Beautiful Skin
Item #A86

Vitamin E Skin Oil - 32,000 IU, 1 fl oz /30ml (Jason)
Extra Strength Skin Oil for Scars & Stretch Marks
Item #A75G

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