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Hair Growth

Natural Remedies For Hair Growth

Harness the power of vitamins, minerals, herbs, roots, and oils to help keep your scalp healthy and your hair beautiful. These nourishing ingredients strengthen hair, protect against breakage, and maximize shine!

Stimulate and strengthen hair growth with these traditional favorites:

    • Biotin: The #1 “beauty B vitamin” for healthier, stronger, thicker hair.
    • Silica Complex: Say goodbye to dull, lifeless hair and hello to strong, lustrous hair with our high-performance Horsetail extract & mineral blend.
    • Supergrow Hair Gel: Advanced formulation of plant oils, vitamins, and herbal extracts stimulates natural hair growth, prevents hair loss, and gives hair a new, inner strength.

Discover More Herbs For Healthy Hair

6 Hair-Strengthening Supplements

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Herbal Hair and Scalp Conditioner™, 2 1/2 oz  (Nature's Wonderland)
Sage Hair Tonic Invigorates Scalp & Hair Growth
Item #S49T

Supergro Hair Gel Extra Hold, 4 oz (African Formula)
Plant Extracts for Thicker, Healthier Hair
Item #A45C

Biotin - 5000 mcg, 60 Veg Capsules (Bluebonnet)
Yeast-free Biotin Dietary Supplement
Item #BBL37

Energizer™ Hair Follicle Stimulator Spray, 8 fl oz  (Hobe Labs)
Scalp Spray for Thicker, Fuller, Healthier Hair
Item #A48T

Energizer™ Treatment Shampoo, 4 fl oz / 118ml (Hobe Labs)
Thinning Hair & Scalp Problem Treatment
Item #A48B

Hair Regrowth Tea, 20 tea bags (Bravo Tea)
Health Hair Growth Tea
Item #CBT15

Let It Grow Super Active Hair Tonic, 8 fl oz / 232ml (African Formula)
Leave On Conditioner Repairs Damaged Hair
Item #A49F

Supergrow Hair Gel - Extra Hold, 16 oz (African Formula)
Plant Extracts for Thicker, Healthier Hair
Item #A45

Vitamin 4-Hair™, 60 vegetarian capsules (Novus Optimum)
Restore And Promote Healthy, Thicker Hair
Item #B51H

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