Green Foods

Go Green For Health!

Is Green the color of health? The answer is a resounding yes! Green foods such as alfalfa, spirulina and barley grass are absolutely brimming with naturally occurring vitamins A, C, K, iron, calcium, fiber, detoxifying chlorophyll, and a host of other phytonutrients.

Get going with super green energy:

  • Alfalfa … The alkalizing green food builds energy, boosts stamina and supports digestive & intestinal health.
  • Blue-Green Algae … The blue-green pigment provides extraordinary antioxidant and immune support properties.
  • Chlorophyll … The pigment that gives green plants their color is an excellent whole body cleanser that builds healthy blood and acts as a natural deodorizer.
  • Spirulina … The aquatic superfood is a favorite for athletes and dieters because it’s the ideal vegetarian source of revitalizing protein, B-complex, and other energizing nutrients.

Need more reasons to get your greens? Read on…

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Alfalfa Tablets - 550 mg, 250 Vegetarian Tablets (Nature's Wonderland)
Get The Herbal Superfood That Nourishes & Revitalizes
Item #V6421

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$6.75 Reg. $10.15 Save $3.40

Blue Green Algae - 425 mg, 60 Veg Capsules (Nature's Wonderland)
Boost Stamina With The Energy-Packed Superfood
Item #V26A

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$13.95 Reg. $19.95 Save $6.00

Spirulina Tablets - 500 mg, 100 tablets (Nature's Wonderland)
THE Low-Calorie, High-Protein, Energizing Superfood
Item #V48

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$6.95 Reg. $13.90 Save $6.95

Super Kelp, 250 Tablets (Nature's Wonderland)
Iodine Nutrition For Herbal Thyroid Support
Item #V6451

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$7.95 Reg. $9.65 Save $1.70

Alfalfa Herb Capsules - 575 mg, 60 Veg Capsules (Medicago sativa)
The Herbal Superfood That Boosts Stamina & Vitality
Item #009X

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$8.50 Reg. $10.20 Save $1.70

$9.25 Reg. $11.22 Save $1.97

Spirulina Capsules - 575 mg, 60 Vcaps™ (Spirulina platensis)
The Superfood For Your Active, Healthy Lifestyle
Item #399AX

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$10.00 Reg. $13.26 Save $3.26

Barlean's Greens, 8.46 oz / 240g powder (Barleans)
Super Boost Health & Energy With Organic Greens
Item #B47R

Barley Grass Powder, 3.5 oz (Pines)
Get Your Daily Servings Of Vegetables!
Item #B40S

Chlorophyll Liquid, 16 fl oz (World Organic)
Control Odor With Nature's Pure Body Refresher
Item #B33H

Liquid Chlorophyll - Cinnamon Mint 16 fl oz (Nature's Life)
All Natural Internal Deodorizer
Item #ANUT24

Living Greens Super-Food, 60 liquid soft gels (Irwin Naturals)
Whole Food Concentrates For Whole Body Vitality
Item #BIN34

Mighty Greens® Superfood Blend, 8 oz (Pines)
Energize Yourself With This Raw Superfood Blend
Item #BPI02
$31.99 Reg. $37.50 Save $5.51

Sun Chlorella A - 200 mg, 300 tablets (Sun Chlorella USA)
Revitalize Your Body With Nature's Perfect Superfood
Item #B43B

Udo's Choice® Green Blend, 8.9 oz (Flora)
Fermented Greens For Superior Nutrition & Benefits
Item #BFL03

Vital Green™, 375 tablets  (Futurebiotics)
Balance Acidity With Super Greens
Item #B40Q

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