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Natural Foot Care Solutions

Take a step in the right direction with these easy, natural foot care solutions. Whether it is sandals, sneakers, or boot season, our hard-working feet deserve a little pampering to keep them smelling great, looking good, and feeling comfortable.

  • Epsom Salt …exfoliating mineral helps smooth dry, rough skin callused heels & softens skin.
  • Olbas Herbal Bath …therapeutic blend of refreshing essential oils cool and soothe hot, aching, tired feet.
  • Tea Tree Oil …multipurpose anti-bacterial essential oil provides powerful protection for heel cracks and nails.

Keep your feet in good standing with nature’s remedies.

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Olbas Herbal Bath – 8 Fl. Oz. – Penn Herb
Herbal Bath Soothes, Relaxes and Helps You Breathe Easier
Item #LBA8

Tea Tree Essential Oil - 10 ml (Melaleuca alternifolia)
The Multipurpose Antiseptic Oil for Your First-Aid Kit
Item #556B-10

Youthful Legs, 60 Softgels   (Life Extension)
Supports Youthful Leg Appearance
Item #BLF07

Epsom Salt, 1 oz (Magnesium Sulfate)
The Mineral Beauty & Body Care Solution
Item #156P1

Foot Balm, 2 oz / 56 g tin (W.S. Badger Co.)
Cools, Soothes & Softens Heels and Feet
Item #A88F

Healthy Feet & Nerves, 120 capsules (Terry Naturally)
Breakthrough Ingredients Support Healthy Nerve Function
Item #BEP46

Healthy Feet & Nerves, 60 capsules (Terry Naturally)
Support Nerve Health & Blood Sugar Metabolism
Item #B35U

Restful Legs, 50 quick-dissolving tablets (Hyland's)
Calm Agitated Legs So You Can Rest
Item #D91J

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