Capsule Filler

The Easy Way To Fill Empty Capsules

Cap-M-Quik™ manual capsule filler is a must have tool for making your own supplements. It allows you fill 50 empty capsules with powdered herbs or vitamins in less than 10 minutes – no more bitter or unpleasant tastes.

  • Cap-M-Quik™ Tamper …The ideal accessory for the capsule filler, lets you pack in more powder for higher milligram content.

It’s easier than ever for do-it-yourself formulas with Cap-M-Quik™ products.

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Cap-M-Quik Capsule Filler & Tamper - Size 00
The Complete Do-It-Yourself Capsule Filler
Item #F7B

Cap-M-Quik Tamper For "00 and "000" sizes
Pack More Herbs & Powder In Your Capsules
Item #F7A
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