Jasmine Fragrance Oil, Synthetic - 30 ml

Jasmine Fragrance Oil, Synthetic - 30 ml

Recreate The Exotic, Floral Aroma Of Jasmine

Try our Jasmine fragrance oil whenever you want to recreate the rich, sweetly exotic, floral aroma of Jasmine flowers. Use it as a scented room spray to extend the aroma of sachets and potpourris. Be creative and enjoy!

Fragrance oils re-create nature’s most exotic scents for your sensory pleasure. Our light restrictive, cobalt blue glass bottles include a unique "dropper top" for ease of use.

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Common use:

This oil is made from synthetic sources and should be used for fragrance purposes only. (For natural Jasmine essential oil see item #527A).

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  • Item Number: 527-30

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