Super 8 Hi Potency Probiotic - 42 Billion, 30 capsules (Flora)

Super 8 Hi Potency Probiotic - 42 Billion, 30 capsules (Flora)

  • Item Number: BFL05

Maintain Healthy Yeast Balance

  • Maintains healthy yeast balance
  • For age group 16-55
  • Ideal for travelers

Udo's Choice® Super 8 Probiotic includes 8 strains of beneficial bacteria. The high level of L. acidophilus in this formula helps maintain proper yeast balance in the body, and is ideal for travelers to help maintain healthy flora while away from home.

NOTE: Since probiotics are living organisms, their potency slowly decreases over time (2% per month). Keep refrigerated whenever possible and freeze to prolong shelf life.

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Gluten Free
Contains Milk/Dairy Products
Contains Soy

Common use:

8-strain probiotic blend helps maintain proper yeast balance; helps support the growth of a healthy natural microflora.

Suggested directions:

Take one capsule per day on a full stomach. For Extra Strength, take 1 capsule up to 3 times per day. CAUTION: As with any dietary supplement, consult a physician if taking prescription medications or if you have a medical condition. Contains traces of milk and soy.

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  • Item Number: BFL05

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