Sucontral® D Blood Sugar Balance, 60 capsules (Euro Pharma)

Sucontral® D Blood Sugar Balance, 60 capsules (Euro Pharma)

  • Item Number: BEP22

Healthy Insulin Function & Glucose Support

  • Healthy insulin function
  • Healthy A1C levels
  • Carbohydrate metabolism

Sucontral® D combines Hintonia latiflora, a botanical with a long history of traditional use, with critical B-vitamins, folic acid, vitamins C and E, and the trace minerals zinc and chromium. This clinically studied formula powerfully supports healthy blood sugar balance and insulin function, and has been validated by over 60 years of research.

Unconditionally Guaranteed

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Servings per container: 60

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Common use:

Maintenance of healthy blood sugar levels throughout the day already within the normal range; healthy insulin function; healthy A1C levels already within the normal range; carbohydrate metabolism.

Suggested directions:

1 capsule, twice daily. May increase to 1 capsule, three times daily for advanced support. IF PREGNANT OR NURSING, CONSULT A HEALTHCARE PRACTITIONER BEFORE USE.

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  • Item Number: BEP22

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