Papaya Enzymes, 120 chewable lozenges (Nature's Wonderland)

Papaya Enzymes, 120 chewable lozenges (Nature's Wonderland)


Stuffed? Chew On This…

  • The sensible after-dinner solution
  • Encourages healthy digestion
  • Supports protein digestion

Nature's Wonderland delicious Papaya Enzymes with refreshing Mint and Chlorophyll are the perfect digestive aids to soothe indigestion, and alleviate gas & bloating. Its unique blend of vegetarian enzymes helps the body digest proteins, fiber and fat.

Papain, one of the natural enzymes in Papaya helps break down protein into a more digestible form. It supports the digestion of fats and carbohydrates so there's less chance for indigestion.

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Gluten Free
Milk/Dairy Free
Soy Free

Common use:

Support healthy digestion when taken after meals; eases bloating; bad breath - useful as a minty breath freshener. Provides 50 mg of Papain and 10 mg of Bromelain per chewable lozenge.

Suggested directions:

As a dietary supplement, chew or dissolve 2 lozenges in mouth following meals or as needed.

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