Dulse Powder, Organic 16 oz (Rhodymenia palmata)
Organic Organic

Dulse Powder, Organic 16 oz (Rhodymenia palmata)

  • Item Number: 147RP16

Spice Up Your Diet & Health With The Red Seaweed

  • Herbal iodine source
  • Detoxifying tonic

Dulse is a nutrient-packed seaweed in the same class as Kelp & Bladderwrack. Like those sea plants, it is a natural source of iodine for healthy thyroid function and metabolism. The red seaweed also protects against environmental toxins and supports digestive health too!

Dulse delivers impressive amounts of calcium, protein, fiber and other vital nutrients. No wonder it's used as a healthful condiment and seasoning!

In fact, Dr. Susan Smith Jones says, "I mix it with garlic and other herbs as a great way to spice up my diet and detoxify at the same time."
Use the powder as an exotic salt substitute or add the cut form to your favorite soup, stir fry or vegetable recipes.

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Suggested directions:

This product naturally contains iodine and is harvested from the sea. It may cause serious reaction in persons with allergies to fish and/or shellfish.

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PHC Lot Number Product Name Botanical Name Country of Origin
22069MC Dulse Rhodymenia palmata Canada
21340MC Dulse Rhodymenia palmata Canada
21340MC Dulse Rhodymenia palmata Canada
21083MC Dulse Rhodymenia palmata Canada
19316MC Dulse Rhodymenia palmata Canada
18130MC Dulse Rhodymenia palmata Canada
17290MC Dulse Rhodymenia palmata Canada
16148MC Dulse Palmaria palmata/Rhodymenia palmata Canada
13197HB Dulse Rhodymenia palmata Canada
09365WH Dulse Rhodymenia palmata
09632WH Dulse Rhodymenia palmata United States
WH030606 Dulse Rhodymenia palmata
MC111204 Dulse Rhodymenia palmata
MC111204 Dulse Rhodymenia palmata
MC062503 Dulse Rhodymenia palmata
HB061102 Dulse Rhodymenia palmata Canada
HB032001 Dulse Rhodymenia palmata Canada
HB121696 Dulse Rhodymenia palmata
HB102396 Dulse Rhodymenia palmata
  • Item Number: 147RP16

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