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Copal Resin

Botanical Name: Buresera fugaroides

Country of Origin: Indonesia

A Pleasing Smell for Your Home

Make your home more relaxing and inviting with the addition of our copal resin. This aromatic resin was commonly used as incense by ancient civilizations in Central and South America — the Aztecs in particular. In fact, its name is based on the Aztec Nahuati language word for incense. Its benefits were soon discovered by master herbalists in North America, Europe and East Africa too. Today, copal resin uses in aromatherapy may include promoting calm to support overall cognitive health.

One can never underestimate just how much the smell of your home can affect your well-being. By using copal resin incense from Penn Herb Company, Ltd., you’ll release a pleasant herbal and wood scent in any room you use it in. We sell whole copal resin crystals by the ounce or by the pound for therapeutic use. Use copal resin to help clarify your mind and promote a positive outlook even when your life is full-speed ahead. If you have questions about how it works, don’t hesitate to give us a call — we’ve worked hard since 1924 to earn your trust!

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Copal Resin, Whole, 1 oz
Buresera fugaroides
Item #612W1

Copal Resin, Whole, 16 oz
Buresera fugaroides
Item #612W16

Copal Resin, Whole, 4 oz
Buresera fugaroides
Item #612W4

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