Cinnamon Bark, Ceylon, Powder, 4 oz (Cinnamomum verum)
Wild Harvested

Cinnamon Bark, Ceylon, Powder, 4 oz (Cinnamomum verum)

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The Sweeter Spice for Healthy Living

  • Supports healthy glucose metabolism
  • Promotes digestive comfort
  • Warming circulatory tonic

Ceylon Cinnamon is harvested from the bark of the tropical tree native to Sri Lanka and parts of India. Medicinally, it is used much like Chinese or Cassia Cinnamon it soothes digestive discomforts, supports circulatory health, and supports healthy glucose metabolism.

As a culinary spice, Ceylon Cinnamon is noted for having a delicate flavor sweet aroma and flavor and is preferred for baking. It makes a delightful addition to your morning coffee, lattes, oatmeal, or smoothies. You can also add Ceylon Cinnamon to therapeutic tea blends to mask or improve their flavor.

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Common use:

Supports healthy digestion; calms upset stomach; alleviates gas, abdominal cramps, and bloating; supports healthy glucose metabolism; maintains blood sugar levels already within the normal range.

Other Uses:

Warming circulatory tonic helps increase blood flow throughout the body; add to medicinal-tasting teas to improve their flavor; herbal catalyst enhances the effectiveness of herbal formulas (mild alternative to Cayenne & Ginger).

Suggested directions:

Not recommended for use if pregnant or nursing.

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21266MS Cinnamon Bark, Ceylon Cinnamomum verum United States
Sorry, this item is currently out of stock.
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  • Item Number: 110AP4

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