Brown Seaweed - 500 mg, 90 Vcaps (Herbs of Light)

Brown Seaweed - 500 mg, 90 Vcaps (Herbs of Light)

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Brown Seaweed Burns Belly Fat And More!

  • Helps burn belly fat
  • Heavy metal detoxifier
  • Promotes cholesterol & cardiovascular wellness

Brown Seaweed has been utilized for centuries for its ability to impart health. It contains fucoxanthin, which targets abdominal fat and help to aid weight loss. Brown Seaweed also supplies iodine, which supports metabolism.

The powers of Brown Seaweed extend beyond weight loss:

  • It provides organic elements known as Alginates, which support heavy metal detoxification.
  • It supports healthy liver function for cholesterol wellness.

    Herbs of Light's Brown Seaweed is harvested by hand from the cold pristine waters within the Southern Pacific Ocean near Tasmania, and is processed here in the United States.

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  • Ingredients:

    Brown Seaweed (Laminaria japonica), maintaining its full abundance known as "Kombu". Nothing added or altered. Hand wildcrafted sun dried seaweed & low heat process takes away outer fiber for highest efficacy.

    Common use:

    Brown Seaweed extract contains: fucoxanthin, which helps burn fat; alginates for heavy metal detoxification; fucoidan to support cellular immune health; and lamarin for cardiovascular support.

    Suggested directions:

    Take 3 capsules a day with morning breakfast, water or juice. For maximum benefits take 6 capsules in the morning with water or juice 6 days on and 1 day off. IF PREGNANT OR NURSING, CONSULT YOUR PHYSICIAN.

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    Reg: $29.50
    You Save $1.51
    • Item Number: B66N

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