Aloe Gold Aloe Vera Juice Concentrate - Natural Flavor, 16 fl oz (Aloe Life)

Aloe Gold Aloe Vera Juice Concentrate - Natural Flavor, 16 fl oz (Aloe Life)

  • Item Number: A69

Aloe Vera With Natural Bitters For Remarkable Digestive Health

  • Support digestion
  • Best choice for low sugar programs
  • Natural bitter taste

Aloe Gold Juice Concentrate retains the true herbal bitter taste of the whole leaf. Herbal bitters enhance the flow of gastric juices, which may be responsible for easing digestive upset and increasing the bioavailability of nutrients in our daily diet to support wellness.

Aloe Gold Juice Concentrate provides over 200 active elements including vitmains, minerals, plant sterols, enzymes, amino acids, and trace minerals, which support digestion, energy & optimum health.

The dark yellow color and high mineral bitter taste (slight pickle-bitter) is proof the Aloe Life juice is not over filtered, overheated or diluted.

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Gluten Free


Organic Whole Leaf Aloe Barbadensis Juice Concentrate 99.5%, Trace Minerals. OTHER INGREDIENTS: Citric Acid, Sodium Benzoate & Potassium Sorbate (food grade preservatives). NO sulfites or water added. Gluten free. Pesticide free. Herbicide free. Cold Processed.

Common use:

Promote digestion & nutrient absorption; joint support; immune system support. NOTE: Aloe Gold Natural Flavor is the best choice for low sugar and anti-fungal programs.

Suggested directions:

Take 1 oz (2 tablespoons) before a meal is best, 1-3 times daily. May drink undiluted or mix with liquid. CAUTION: Bowel sensitive or ill individuals: Take 1 tsp and build to desired amount. Reduce if diarrhea results. Refrigerate after opening.

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  • Item Number: A69

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