Aging Eye Relief™, 10 ml / 0.33 fl oz (Similasan)

Aging Eye Relief™, 10 ml / 0.33 fl oz (Similasan)

  • Item Number: ASIM01

Homeopathic Eye Drops for Blurred Vision & Eye Strain

  • Blurred vision l Eyestrain
  • Tearing due to dryness
  • Safe for use with contact lens

Get multi-symptom relief of blurred vision, eyestrain, and tearing due to dryness. Similasan eye drops are formulated with the natural botanical extracts Cineraria maritima to stimulate the body's natural ability to maintain a clear crystalline lens, and Herb-of-grace (Ruta graveolens) to temporarily relieve dryness, so you can get relief without harsh chemicals.

Trusted by pharmacists and families in Switzerland for over 40 years, Similasan is a leading Swiss brand of remedies that use natural active ingredients instead of harsh chemicals to keep families healthy. Their state-of-the-art facility located near the Swiss Alps makes over 190 popular remedies for children and adults: cough and cold, eye care, ear care, nasal allergies, and more.

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ACTIVE INGREDIENTS: Cineraria maritima 6X......blurred vision; Natrum muriaticum 6X......burning, reflex tearing due to dryness, eyestrain, corneal capacity, sensitivity to light; Ruta graveolens 6X......eyestrain, redness, eye pain when reading. INACTIVE INGREDIENTS: Borate buffer, Purified water, Silver sulfate (as preservative), Sodium Nitrate.

Common use:

According to homeopathic principles, the active ingredients in this product temporarily relieve minor symptoms such as: blurred vision, eyestrain, tearing due to dryness.

Suggested directions:

Don't squeeze bottle, squeeze plastic tip to release 1 to 2 drops into eye. Apply every 3-4 hours, or as directed by a doctor.
WARNING: If pregnant, trying to get pregnant or breastfeeding, ask a health professional before use. Do not use if the solution changes color or becomes cloudy. Stop use and ask a doctor if symptoms worse or persist for more than 72 hours, if you experience eye pain or change in vsion. For external use only. According to homeopathic principles, symptoms may temporarily worsen before improving (initial exacerbation of symptoms). To avoid contamination, do not touch the tip of the bottle to any surface. To avoid contamination use within 30 days of opening. Expiration date only refers to unopened bottle.

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  • Item Number: ASIM01

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