Activated Charcoal Powder, USP, 16 oz
Wild Harvested

Activated Charcoal Powder, USP, 16 oz

  • Item Number: 101P16

Eliminate Gas And Soothe Acid Indigestion

  • Alleviates gas & bloating
  • Eases intestinal discomforts
  • Soothes occasional heartburn

Get quick relief of gas, nausea, and occasional acid indigestion with Penn Herbís Activated Charcoal. The centuries-old remedy soothes an upset stomach and relieves gastrointestinal distress.

NOTE: Activated Charcoal is charred coconut husk that is steam activated with oxygen. This makes it more porous and maximizes its adsorbent properties. Activated Charcoal is a powerful adsorbent, meaning it acts like a magnet to trap and hold substances.

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Common use:

Relieves occasional acid indigestion, heartburn, gas, bloating, nausea; soothes upset, sour stomach; body odor, bad breath (internal odor fighter); supports detoxification.

Other Uses:

DIY skincare and oral care formulas; non-toxic household air deodorizer and odor fighter (place in a jar or open container in the refrigerator, or any place you want to absorb unpleasant odors).

Suggested directions:

CAUTION: Activated Charcoal can decrease the effectiveness of certain medications and food can interfere with its adsorptive properties. Use 2 hours before or after intake of medicine, food, nutritional supplements, or herbs. Not intended as a treatment for accidental poisoning.

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PHC Lot Number Product Name Botanical Name Country of Origin
20337CH Charcoal Cocos nucifera Indonesia
17097JC Charcoal, Willow Salix alba United States
15135JC Charcoal, Wood Salix alba United States
13264JC Charcoal, Wood Salix alba
09142JC Charcoal, Wood Salix alba
JC062104 Charcoal, Wood Salix alba
BC120700 Charcoal, Wood Salix alba
BC122297 Charcoal, Wood Salix alba
BC040595 Charcoal, Wood Salix alba
  • Item Number: 101P16

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