History (1990-2012)

One of the first website's to offer a complete line of herbs and natural remediesIn the mid 1990's, we developed one of the first websites to offer a complete line of herbs and natural remedies. Although there are many websites offering herbs today, often you cannot be sure of who you are dealing with - and the reputation of the company. Be assured that when you order from Penn Herb Company Ltd., whether by mail, fax, phone or online, you will receive the same high quality herbs, spices and natural remedies our customers have known and trusted since 1924. Click these links to browse our complete on-line catalog of Herbs, Spices, Liquid Herbal Extracts, Special Formulas, Olbas Remedies, Essential Oils, and Vitamins.

A new facility was purchased and opened in 1995To meet the demands of ever-increasing business and assure we could meet our customer's needs in the future, a new facility in Northeast Philadelphia was purchased and opened in 1995, while retaining our retail store at 603 North 2nd Street. This 46,000 square foot building has provided us with the necessary room for further expansion, better efficiency, and improved quality control. The offices, order-taking and customer service departments have been greatly expanded and updated. Additionally, modern herb processing facilities have been installed with the latest cutting, sifting, packaging, bottling and encapsulation equipment. Our shipping department has been enlarged to enable prompt and efficient shipping worldwide of many orders daily.

IPenn Herb Company - 603 N. 2nd Streetn 2000, the retail store at 603 North Second Street in Philadelphia was modernized and expanded. With natural oak cabinets and terra cotta tile floors, visitors are warmly welcomed into NatPenn Herb Company - 603 N. 2nd Streeture's Wonderland. A cheerful staff awaits to help you find whatever herbs and remedies you seek. Self-service enables you to explore at a leisurely pace and read product labeling, or get what you need quickly and be on your way. The addition of refrigerated cases now makes it possible to enjoy a tasty snack or delicious, healthy beverage while you shop.

Penn Herb Company - 603 N. 2nd Street Through these years, Penn Herb Company continues to expand in many ways. Our website continues to improve almost daily, with new features that improve the user experience. We added our Wellness Guide, a wealth of health information available to anyone free of charge on the website. As the sole US importers for Olbas Herbal Remedies from Switzerland, we have continued to expand distribution into health stores, natural food supermarkets, drug stores and other outlets. Our product selection continues to grow, and great strides have been made to improve our manufacturing, packaging, and quality control. We have grown from 2 employees in 1962 to over 35 employees in 2012. But with all this expansion going on, we are running out of room once again...


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