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Teas - Herbal Tea Bags

The Best Herbal Teas Ready for Steeping

People around the world know the benefits of herbal tea. But for many, the question isnít whether herbal tea is good for you ó itís how to prepare a cup. At Penn Herb Company, Ltd., we know not everyone has the time, equipment, or patience to brew tea using loose leaves. Thatís why we offer the best herbal tea thatís pre-packed in convenient tea bags. All you have to do is heat a kettle of water to boiling, add the teabag and steep it for the recommended time. Some herbal tea bags even brew in cold water for a summertime treat!

We carry dozens of herbal tea bag varieties for anyone who wants to look out for their health without dealing with cut leaves or pills. The right herbal tea is a refreshing beverage that can also support immune system health, digestive comfort, mental clarity, and much more. Our friendly and knowledgeable customer service team can help you find the best natural herbal tea for your needs with secure online ordering.

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Raspberry Leaf Tea - Organic  16 tea bags (Traditional Medicinals)
Nurturing Tea For Menstrual & Pregnancy Support
Item #CTM17

Stress Adapt Tea Blend, 12 pyramid tea bags (Foster Botanicals)
Grounding Ashwagandha-Tulsi Blend
Item #CFOS04

Sugar Level Tea, 20 tea bags (Bravo Tea)
Maintain Healthy Blood Sugar Levels
Item #CBT01

Triple Immunity Support Tea, 20 tea bags (Bravo Tea)
Daily Immune Tea - Caffeine Free
Item #CBT06

White Mulberry Leaf Tea, 30 tea bags (Bio Nutrition)
Healthful Tea For Blood Sugar Support
Item #CBN593

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