Sonne #7 Detoxificant, 946 mL/ 32 fl oz (Sonne Organic Foods Inc.)

Sonne #7 Detoxificant, 946 mL/ 32 fl oz (Sonne Organic Foods Inc.) Favorite

  • Item Number: A106D

Detoxify with Colloidal Bentonite Clay

  • Assists elimination of toxic waste
  • Non-laxative

Sonne's #7 Detoxificant is a natural and powerful detoxificant derived from USP Certified Food Grade Bentonite Clay Powder, a mineral-rich volcanic clay. Sonne Organic's special refining process removes mica, dirt, and other impurities from the raw Bentonite clay in order to concentrate the active detoxifying ingredient, montmorillonite.

Montmorillonite possesses the ability to adsorb about 40 times its own weight in positively charged substances present in the alimentary canal. Because montmorillonite has such strong adsorptive properties and is not digested, it tightly binds toxic material to be excreted.

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Purified Water and Bentonite Clay (super-refined Colloidal Bentonite USP Grade with Montmorillonite as an active constituent and demineralized water as a vehicle).


Servings per container: 64

Common use:

An adsorbent aid in detoxification & intestinal purification of the alimentary canal.

Suggested directions:

For average adults, take 1 tablespoon. For others, take 1 teaspoon for every 50 lbs. body weight. Take 2 doses per day. The first one in water, upon rising, the other in the evening. Drink plenty of water with this product - at least one glass of water between meals to assist elimination of acid and toxic waste through the kidneys. May be taken for a duration as long as desired. Shake well before use.

Since bentonite, the main ingredient in #7 with its active constituent montmorillonite, has such strong adsorptive powers, its consumption could render unavailable some of the necessary nutrients, such as certain vitamins by adsorbing them from the alimentary canal.

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  • Item Number: A106D

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