The chart below shows the process in which sunlight is converted to electricity.

Photovoltaic Solar Panels

The solar panels used in the Penn Herb Company solar power system are Sharp 224 watt panels. Click HERE for the data sheet.

Here is the roof layout for Penn Herb Company's Decatur Road building. The solar power system will be installed on one half of the roof. The orange blocks represent the 533 Sharp solar panels.

Power Inverters

The inverters being used to convert the DC power produced by the panels to AC are SMA Sunny Boy 7000. Click HERE for the data sheet.

Roof Mounting System

The Solstice PV Mounting System, designed by Advanced Solar Products, is a system made entirely of aluminum. It is ballasted, so there is no need to attach it to the roof. This helps prevent any possibility of roof leaks. Click HERE for the data sheet.

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Pictures of the installation process

Electric power the Penn Herb Solar Power Station is currently generating

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