Orris Root - Peeled, Cut, 1 oz (Iris germanica)
Wild Harvested

Orris Root - Peeled, Cut, 1 oz (Iris germanica)

  • Item Number: 296C1

The Fragrant Root For Your Scented Crafts

The delicate Violet scent of Orris root is a popular ingredient because of its natural fragrance and its fixative properties (an ingredient that freezes or prolongs the scent of blends). The cut form is commonly added to floral potpourris, and blends well with Lavender and Rose Petals.

ALSO KNOWN AS: Florentine Orris, Iris florentina, Iris germanica, Purple Flag.

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Common use:

Fragrant ingredient for potpourri, sachets (cut); for incense blends (powder); for dry shampoos for oily hair (powder); body powders.

Other Uses:

Supports respiratory function (tea); adds mildly floral, slightly bitter-earthy flavor to gin and other drink recipes.

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PHC Lot Number Product Name Botanical Name Country of Origin
19289MG Orris Root Iris florentina Italy
19053MB Orris Root Iris florentina Morocco
18362MG Orris Root Iris florentina Italy
18093WH Orris Root Iris florentina Morocco
15232MB Orris Root Iris x germanica Morocco
15233MB Orris Root Iris x germanica Bulgaria
14281MB Orris Root Iris germanica Bulgaria
14259AG Orris Root Iris germanica Morocco
13065MR Orris Root (Natural) Iris florentina Albania
12348MB Orris Root Iris florentina E. Europe
10295HB Orris Root Iris florentina Albania
09271HB Orris Root (Natural) Iris florentina Albania
HB072902 Orris Root Iris florentina India
OR013101 Orris Root (Natural) Iris florentina
SF012298 Orris Root Iris florentina Europe
HB030797 Orris Root Iris florentina
HB032896 Orris Root (Natural) Iris florentina
20037MG Orris Root Iris florentina Serbia
  • Item Number: 296C1

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