English, Oak Bark, Cut 4 oz (Quercus robur)
Wild Harvested

English, Oak Bark, Cut 4 oz (Quercus robur)

  • Item Number: 287AC4

Tighten & Tone With English Oak Bark

  • Herbal astringent
  • Gastrointestinal support

This European variety of Oak bark is an herbal astringent most commonly used to tighten tissues, soothe the skin and to calm gastrointestinal distress.

In Europe and North America, Oak bark preparations are long time home remedies for intestinal, respiratory and skin complaints due to their natural tannin and saponins compounds. The various species can be used interchangeable or combined for maximum support.

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Common use:

Herbal astringent (tones & tighten tissue); calm gastrointestinal distress; mouth & gum irritation; throat irritation.

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PHC Lot Number Product Name Botanical Name Country of Origin
14356AG Oak Bark Quercus robur Luxembourg
  • Item Number: 287AC4

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