Clinical Essentials™ Multivitamins & Minerals, 60 tablets (Euro Pharma)

Clinical Essentials™ Multivitamins & Minerals, 60 tablets (Euro Pharma)

Note: this product is not available.
  • Item Number: BEP05

Premium Nutrients For Energy, Mood & Immune Support

  • 30 premium nutrients
  • No vitamin aftertaste
  • Gentle on the stomach

Clinical Essentials™ delivers premium, clinically validated nutrients at effective dosage levels to fill the gaps in your diet. You’ll feel the difference that superior nutrients can make!

Clinical Essentials™ Supports:

  • Vibrant Energy, Mood, and Stamina—Bioidentical B Vitamins in their most effective form for optimal utilization in the body
  • Immune System Strength—Proper levels of vitamins and TRAACS® Chelated minerals to help you stay healthy all year long
  • Bone and Collagen Structure—Unique sources of Boron and Vitamin K2, plus TRAACS® chelated calcium and magnesium for healthy bone formation
  • Heart and Arteries—Provides the complete array of nutrients to support healthy heart function*
  • Antioxidant Defense—Vitamin C, E, and A with selenium to prevent oxidative stress and damage
  • Metabolism and Blood Sugar Balance—Vanadium and chromium for healthy blood sugar metabolism

    Feel Healthy! Feel Great!

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    Gluten Free
    Milk/Dairy Free
    Soy Free
  • Servings per container: 30

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    Suggested directions:

    2 tablets daily for every day use. May increase to 2 tablets twice daily for maximum health benefits. Take with meals. IF PREGNANT OR NURSING, CONSULT A HEALTHCARE PRACTITIONER BEFORE USE.

    100% Quality Assurance Guarantee

    We want you to be completely satisfied with every purchase from us. If you are not 100% satisfied, please contact our customer service department within 30 days of receipt of your order for a prompt refund, credit or exchange (less shipping charges).

    Note: this product is not available.
    • Item Number: BEP05