Black Seed Cream, 2 fl oz (North American Herb & Spice)

Black Seed Cream, 2 fl oz (North American Herb & Spice)

  • Item Number: ANAH01

Rejuvenating Cream for Blemishes & Rashes

  • Supports optimal skin health
  • For all skin types

Oil of Black Seed Cream rejuvenating formula is made with the most potent antioxidants known, such as the powerful Chaga SOD infusion and raw black seed oil. A completely natural moisturizer uniquely formulated to support skin health makes it ideal for blemishes and rashes.

Itís ideal for all skin types, apply to nails and hair. Itís soothing and never sticky. So pure you can eat it.

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Purified water, oil of black seed, Sachi inchi oil, propolis, wild oil of oregano P73, wild, raw Chaga SOD, wild lavender oil, bay leaf oil, wild myrtle oil, rosemary oil, Canadian wildflower honey, royal jelly, wild Hypericum oil, lanolin, pollen, rose water, pure the essence of Canadian balsam.
Non-GMO. Free of all chemicals and synthetics.

Suggested directions:

Topical moisturizing, rejuvenating cream. Best used daily. Ideal for all skin types. Also apply to nails and hair.

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  • Item Number: ANAH01

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