Arnica Flowers, Cut, 1 oz (Arnica montana)
Wild Harvested

Arnica Flowers, Cut, 1 oz (Arnica montana)

  • Item Number: 024AC1

Herbal First Aid For Muscle & Nerve Discomforts

  • Eases muscle & joint discomforts
  • Soothes minor bruises

Arnica is a must for every herbal first aid kit, especially for the active individual, sports enthusiast, or weekend warrior. Arnica preparations soothe minor joint & muscle aches, nerve discomfort, bumps & bruises.

Arnica is a centuries-old first aid home remedy for easing aches, pains & sprains. It makes an effective salve, therapeutic oil or lotion for quick, soothing relief.

ALSO KNOWN AS: Leopardís Bane, Mountain Tobacco, Wolfsbane, European Arnica.

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Common use:

Soothes temporary muscle and nerve discomfort; bruises; minor muscle strain and pain, sore muscles; joint discomfort. NOTE: Arnica can cause allergic dermatitis with extended use or in sensitive persons.

Suggested directions:

Hot Compress: Soak a clean linen or cotton cloth in a hot infusion and apply it to the affected area as hot as can be tolerated. Cover with a folded blanket or towel to maintain heat. FOR EXTERNAL USE ONLY. NOT FOR INTERNAL USE. NOT TO BE USED ON OPEN WOUNDS OR BROKEN SKIN.

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PHC Lot Number Product Name Botanical Name Country of Origin
21144MG Arnica Flowers Arnica montana Romania
18317AG Arnica Flowers Arnica montana Romania
16060AG Arnica Flowers, Montana Arnica montana Romania
15288AG Arnica Flowers, Montana Arnica montana Romania
14356AG Arnica Flowers, Montana Arnica montana Romania
12152AG Arnica Flowers, Montana Arnica montana Poland
  • Item Number: 024AC1

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