Susan Smith Jones Natural Remedy Booklets Package

Susan Smith Jones Natural Remedy Booklets Package

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Get ALL of Dr. Susan's Natural Remedy Booklets!

  • Includes 6 Natural Remedy Booklets
  • Plus 6 FREE Bonus CD's
  • Great Gift Idea!

Holistic health coach and vegan chef, Dr. Susan Smith Jones, shares practical health tips, delicious recipes and extensive herbal knowledge in her Natural Remedy Booklet series. Now you can get all 6 booklets - each with a bonus CD - for ONE low price!

Dr. Susan's Natural Remedy Series Includes:

  • Culinary Herbs: Discover the Healing Secrets in Your Spice Rack: Recent research has uncovered the healing potential of spices such as Turmeric, Sage, Ginger and other common culinary herbs. Learn how to easily use them in your favorite recipes and reap the automatic benefits.
    FREE audio CD "My Favorite Healthy Living Tips"

  • Weight Loss: Make it Easy With Herbs: We are all aware how unhealthy it is to be overweight, but until now we’ve received conflicting messages about the best way to shed those extra pounds. Get scientifically proven advice on the best methods of effective weight loss and the herbs you can use to reach your weight goal safely.
    FREE audio CD "10 Steps for Easy & Lasting Weight Loss"

  • Natural Stress Solutions: Discover Nature's Secret to Inner Calm, Restful Sleep & Newfound Energy Do you often feel “stressed out” or “over-committed” in today’s fast paced world? Chronic stress negatively impacts every aspect of our physical and mental well-being. Discover the best foods, herbs, spices and techniques to help you get stress under control.
    FREE audio CD "18 Natural Remedies to Make Traveling a Breeze"

  • Conquer Colds & Allergies: Surefire Tips to Find Comfort Naturally & Boost Your Immune System: With the safety of many over-the-counter and prescription medicines in question, Dr. Susan explains the specific herbs and natural remedies you can use to support your immune system as well as to soothe the misery of colds and allergies.
    FREE DVD "The Swiss Secret Weapon"

  • Detoxify & Rejuvenate: Secrets to Beautiful Skin, a Leaner Waistline & Energy to Spare: Here's a simple guide on how to use foods, herbs and simple lifestyle changes to fully detoxify and rejuvenate your body so you can look and feel your very best!
    FREE audio CD "Vitality & Happiness Galore"

  • Living Active & Pain Free: Natural Remedies for Strong Bones & Healthy Joints at Any Age: Don't take the aging process lying down! The right nutrients, healing herbs, exercises, and an active lifestyle can give your body all it needs to help stave off the degradation of bones & joints, minimize arthritis pain, and help you feel years younger.
    FREE audio CD "Discover the Secrets to Health in Your Spice Rack"

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    • Item Number: 9261N