Spa Vapor+ Essential Oil Vaporizer with Olbas Oil

Spa Vapor+ Essential Oil Vaporizer with Olbas Oil

  • Item Number: F8B

Create A Relaxing, Refreshing Environment

  • Mists the entire room
  • Runs up to 4 hours
  • Auto shut off

One of the best ways to enjoy the powerful Swiss formula of Olbas Oil is to diffuse it using an essential oil vaporizer. The Spa Vapor+ Essential Oil Diffuser is one of the best ones for the job because it disperses mist throughout the entire room and runs for up to four hours with auto shut-off. Bonus: this easy-to-use diffuser comes with a free 10-millileter bottle of Olbas Oil, so you get the Power to Breathe wherever you feel like relief is needed.

The Spa Vapor+ Diffuser is ideal for high-quality essential oil vaporizing because itís made to diffuse beneficial oils without heat, which means it keeps the holistic properties of the oil intact. It helps you create an exceptionally soothing aromatherapy atmosphere thanks to its six-color rotating LED lights and unique ability to fill the air with pleasant aromas. Use it in any room where you want to inspire clarity, relaxation, invigoration or any other uplifting mood.

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Common use:

Uses high frequency ultrasonic technology that vibrates cool water inside the unit creating an ultra fine mist. When essential oils are added, they are immediately dispersed into the air, providing immediate benefits while helping to ionize the air.

Suggested directions:

1. Fill the base with luke warm (not cold, distilled or purified/filtered water) to about 1/3 full. DO NOT OVERFILL.
2. Add about 5 or 6 drops of essential oils directly into the water.
3. Misting takes up to 10 minutes to reach full output.
4. Cleaning: rinse water tank and wipe it dry with clean cloth every time you use a different type of oil.
Additional cleaning and maintenance directions included in package.

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  • Item Number: F8B