Garlic, Minced, 2.8-oz.

Garlic, Minced, 2.8-oz.

  • Item Number: 173AJC

The Spice You Keep by the Stove and on the Table

If you love the distinct taste of garlic, but don’t have the time to peel fresh garlic regularly, a jar of minced garlic is a great option. The pungent spice of ancient Egyptian, Greek, and Roman cultures is still a popular staple for the modern kitchen. Cuisines all over the world include its powerful flavor for enhancing pork, chicken, lamb, and seafood dishes.

There are many health benefits of minced garlic, too. Consuming garlic regularly can help your cardiovascular system thanks to its high concentration of sulfur-containing compounds. It’s also been shown to support immune function and is loaded with vitamins and minerals. These garlic granules are a convenient way to keep some in your kitchen or refrigerator whenever a recipe calls for some healthy flavor.

Tantalize your taste buds and use our minced garlic as a condiment by itself or mix with cayenne, onion, rosemary, summer savory, thyme, rosemary, oregano and kelp to make your own “no-salt” spice blend. You can then use it in marinades or add to butter or cream cheese to make a healthy spread. It also is popular for spaghetti sauces and, of course, garlic bread.

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  • Item Number: 173AJC

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