Corydalis Minor Pain Relief - 750 mg, 30 tablets (Planetary Herbals)

Corydalis Minor Pain Relief - 750 mg, 30 tablets (Planetary Herbals)

  • Item Number: B36G

Cordyalis Blend Relieves Minor Aches & Pains

  • Relieves minor pain
  • Plus Hops, Willow Bark & Ginger

Stress. Tension. Aches and minor pains. No, they don't have to be accepted as part of modern life. Corydalis Minor Pain Relief is a safe, effective herbal formula that soothes minor pain, inhibits COX-2 inflammatory response, and strengthens the body with antioxidants.

The formula contains corydalis, from Chinese herbalism; hops from European herbal traditions; willow bark, used for centuries for natural minor pain relief; and ginger, which supports the body's healthy defenses, soothes minor pain, and fortifies with powerful antioxidants and COX-2 inhibitors.

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Servings per container: 15

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Suggested directions:

2 tablets twice daily. WARNING: This product should not be used by children or teenagers. See PDF Label facts for additional warnings.

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  • Item Number: B36G