Circu Assist™ Laxative - 525 mg,  60 Vcaps (Nature's Wonderland)

Circu Assist™ Laxative - 525 mg, 60 Vcaps (Nature's Wonderland)

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Warming Circulatory Support PLUS Gentle Laxative Relief

  • Supports healthy circulation
  • Relieves occasional constipation
  • Promotes digestion

Circu-Assist™ Laxative formula blends invigorating herbs & spices specifically to maintain healthy circulation along with Senna, a mild laxative for the relief of occasional constipation. Many find that cleansing the colon vitalizes their body's systems.

Here’s what this fantastic formula can do for you:

  • GINKGO…increases the oxygen content of your blood, while helping to improve circulation to the brain and body extremities.
  • CINNAMON & CLOVE…these spices have been used for centuries to help stimulate circulation & warm the body.
  • CINCHONA…South American tonic revitalizes digestive health and reinvigorates the body.

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    Gluten Free
  • Common use:

    Laxative circulatory support.

    Suggested directions:

    As an addition to the daily diet, take 1 or 2 capsules, 3 times daily with water at mealtimes. SEE LABEL FACTS FOR CAUTIONS.

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    Reg: $12.59
    You Save $2.09

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