Bean Assist, 30 capsules (Enzymedica)

Bean Assist, 30 capsules (Enzymedica)

  • Item Number: BEN10

Help Prevent Gas Before It Starts

  • Supports digestion of gas-inducing foods
  • Relief from occasional bloating & discomfort
  • Fast-acting

Occasional gas and bloating are often the result of poor digestion. The complex carbohydrates in foods such as beans, cabbage and broccoli are difficult for the body to break down. When not broken down, these foods begin to ferment, producing gas.

BeanAssist™ contains the enzyme Alpha Galactosidase, which breaks down complex carbohydrates into sugars that are naturally easier to digest. Proper digestion of these foods may reduce discomfort and prevent occasional gas and bloating.

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Milk/Dairy Free
Soy Free

Common use:

Provides support for the digestion of beans, cabbage, broccoli and other gas-inducing foods.

Suggested directions:

1 capsule with each meal containing a problem food. More may be taken as needed.

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  • Item Number: BEN10

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