Bay Leaves - Whole, 0.2 oz

Bay Leaves - Whole, 0.2 oz

  • Item Number: 038JW

Classic Spice For Pickling, Soups & Stews

French, Russian, Creole, Indonesian and Balinese cuisines all incorporate the pungent, slightly bitter flavor of Bay leaf. This classic pickling spice is also ideal for seasoning game, beans, and slow-cooked recipes like stews and casseroles.

Bay leaves are also a major ingredient in shrimp and crab boil spice, used for boiling fresh shrimp, crab, and crayfish.

Tempt your taste buds with this baked spare ribs marinade that blends Bay leaves, mustard seeds, and other aromatic spices. 

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Suggested directions:

Bay leaves are almost always used whole and removed from a dish before it is served. Shred or crush the leaves for a more powerful aroma & flavor. Use with care, overuse can make a dish bitter. One-half to one whole leaf is usually all that is needed for a medium-sized pot of soup or stew.

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  • Item Number: 038JW

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