Anise Star - Whole, 0.6 oz

Anise Star - Whole, 0.6 oz

  • Item Number: 020JW

The "Star" Of Your Five-Spice Powder

Infuse your soups, curries and stir-fries with the fragrant Star Anise. You can also ground the pods & seeds and substitute the warm, sweet, licorice-like flavor for Anise seed in your dessert recipes (youíll need to use less though as Star Anise has a stronger taste).

Star Anise is the dried fruit from an evergreen tree cultivated in China & Vietnam, which is why it is a primary ingredient in that regionís cuisine. In fact, itís one of the main herbs in the popular Chinese Five-Spice powder.

Get the recipe for Basil and Five Spice Chicken Leg with Cantaloupe Salad. This aromatic dish hints at the cinnamon, star anise, fennel seed, cloves, and Szechuan peppers in the five-spice powder.

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  • Item Number: 020JW

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