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An Hsi Hsiang

Botanical Name: Styrax benzoin

Also known as: Benjamin Tree, Styrax Gum

Country of Origin: Sumatra

Use the power of natural ingredients to boost your health with An-Hsi-Hsiang powder from Penn Herb Company. This amazing supplement is best known for its ability to promote upper respiratory health. However, thatís not all that it can be used for. If youíre interested in learning more about how An-Hsi-Hsiang powder can be used in your daily routine, check out this guide.

An-Hsi-Hsiang Basics

An-Hsi-Hsiang is also known as benzoin gum, Styrax gum and Styrax benzoin. Some of these names derive from the Styrax tree from which this supplement is harvested. The resin can be used on its own or in conjunction with other substances to promote better function and overall health in the upper respiratory tract.

Besides the respiratory health boost, benzoin gum also offers some important benefits when it comes to skin care. This substance is naturally scented, and the soothing, vanilla-like fragrance makes it a popular choice for adding to body powders and skin creams. It also helps to create longer-lasting fragrances for other ingredients in skin care products since it acts as a fixative.

Outside of health and beauty applications, Styrax benzoin is most commonly used for its fragrance. For example, An-Hsi-Hsiang is an aromatic addition found in many incense blends.

Where to Get Benzoin Gum

Penn Herb Company has you covered when it comes to your natural supplement needs. You can shop on our website to find a variety of An-Hsi-Hsiang powder products to assist with your respiratory function and skin care needs. The wild harvested powder features an undiluted substance, so you get the maximum health benefits.

If youíre looking for high-quality herbal supplements, be sure to shop online at Penn Herb Company. In addition to Styrax gum powder, we offer an incredible lineup of supplements to help with a wide range of health issues.

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Styrax benzoin
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Styrax benzoin
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