Acacia Gum, Whole, 16 oz

Acacia Gum, Whole, 16 oz

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Acacia vera

Acacia gum is harvested in the Sudan, Egypt, Senegal, and Arabia. Itís long been used by the Bedouin tribe and other native peoples as both food and medicine. In contemporary herbalism, Acacia gum is prized for its incomparable soothing properties.

Acacia gum yields a natural substance that coats and protects the mucous membranes of the gastrointestinal and respiratory systems. This soothing property also makes it a valuable external ointment or salve for minor skin irritations as well.

ALSO KNOWN AS: Acacia gum, Acacia Senegal, Arabic Gum, Egyptian thorn, Gum Senegal, Sudan Gum Arabic.

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Common use:

Coating, soothing agent; antispasmodic. Acacia gum is a non-fragrant binder for solid incense.

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PHC Lot Number Product Name Botanical Name
18225SP Acacia Gum Acacia vera
16007LN Acacia (Arabic) Gum Acacia senegal
15362SP Acacia Gum Acacia senegal
14328MR Acacia Gum Acacia sp.
13357MR Acacia (Arabic) Gum Acacia vera
09271HB Acacia (Arabic) Gum Acacia vera
HB120508 Acacia (Arabic) Gum Acacia vera
SF090707 Acacia (Arabic) Gum Acacia vera
HB082107 Acacia (Arabic) Gum Acacia vera
HB012307 Acacia (Arabic) Gum Acacia vera
SB043004 Acacia (Arabic) Gum Acacia vera
HR040997 Acacia (Arabic) Gum Acacia vera
WB040797 Acacia (Arabic) Gum Acacia vera
Reg: $25.00
You Save $5.50
  • Item Number: 600W16

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