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Escape The Ordinary With Specialty Tea Blends

Our selection of specialty teas give you the perfect opportunity for a tea break and a chance to escape the ordinary. They’re blended with soothing herbs, sweet fruits and aromatic spices for a truly delightful taste sensation.

Indulge in some of our specialty beverage teas:

  • Eastern Chai …Wake up with this energizing blend of black tea and the sweetly exotic flavors of cardamom, cinnamon & cloves.
  • Island Jahva …If you prefer a robust, caffeine-free alternative, then this mellow chocolaty brew of Roasted Dandelion & Chicory is just for you!
  • Tropical Fruit Fusion …Get transported to a warm tropical day with our fruit-infused, Red tea blend.

Smooth out the rough edges of your day - one cup at a time!

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Island Jahva, Cut, 4 oz (Nature's Wonderland)
Kick Back With This Mellow Caffeine-Free Blend
Item #219AC4

Eastern Chai, Cut, 4 oz  (Nature's Wonderland)
Escape The Ordinary With Exotic Spiced Chai
Item #148C4

African Autumn, 20 tea sachets (Harney & Sons)
African Red Bush With Orange & Cranberry Flavors
Item #CHT72

Black Currant Tea, 20 tea sachets (Harney & Sons)
Fruity Black Tea With Black Currant Flavors
Item #CHT76
Out of Stock

Green Tea with Coconut, 20 tea sachets (Harney & Sons)
Light Green Tea Blend With Coconut & Spices
Item #CHT82

Hot Cinnamon Spice Black Tea, 20 sachets (Harney & Sons)
Invigorating Hot, Sweet Tea Blend
Item #CHT74

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