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Penn Herb 100 Year Celebration

Penn Herb's 100 Year Celebration!

To commemorate Penn Herb's 100th-year Year Anniversary of providing the finest herbs and natural remedies, the following items will be on SALE during the month of June for $1! This list of available items will change during the month, so check back often for the current items on SALE!

If a SALE item is listed as "Out of Stock," it has not yet been activated for $1.00 and is currently available at regular price only. SALE items will change frequently, so don't hesitate to place your order if you see an item at a $1.00 price - it won't last! Be sure to check back daily for updates!

Please note: There is a one-item limit for all $1.00 special items.

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Chamomile Flowers, Whole, 1 oz (Matricaria chamomilla)
Calming Chamomile Soothes Nerves & Upset Stomach
Item #Celebration097W1

Marshmallow Leaves, Cut, Organic 1 oz (Althaea officinalis)
Experience Gentle Respiratory Support
Item #Celebration261RC1

Ashwagandha Root Capsules, Organic - 525 mg 60 Veg Capsules (Withania somnifera)
The Vitality Tonic For The Over-Worked & Over-Stressed
Item #Celebration029ARX
Out of Stock

Bay Leaves, Whole, 1 oz (Laurus nobilis)
Aromatic Spice & Noble Digestion Remedy
Item #Celebration038W1

Breathe Free™- 450 mg, 60 Veg Capsules (Nature's Wonderland)
Cleansing Respiratory Tonic
Item #CelebrationS5X

Catfish Bitters™ - 525 mg, 60 Veg Capsules (Nature's Wonderland)
Appalachian Tonic Invigorates & Cleanses!
Item #CelebrationS60X

Chickweed Cut, 1 oz (Stellaria media)
Soothing Respiratory & Body Care
Item #Celebration106C1
Out of Stock

Cod Liver Oil - 650 mg, 100 softgels (Nature's Wonderland)
The "Catch of the Day" for Cardiovascular Support
Item #CelebrationV29

Curry Powder, 1 oz
Curry Powder, 1 oz WILD HARVESTED
Flavorful Blend for Veggies & Fish Dishes
Item #Celebration133P1

Eucalyptus Essential Oil - 10 ml (Eucalyptus globulus)
The Cooling, Soothing Relief Of Eucalyptus Oil
Item #Celebration523-10
Out of Stock

Flax Seed, Whole, 1 oz (Linum usitatissimum)
Get Fit With High Fiber Flaxseed
Item #Celebration167W1
Out of Stock

Ginger Root, Organic, Cut, 1 oz (Zingiber officinale)
Experience Unparalleled Digestion and Nausea Relief
Item #Celebration176RC1
Out of Stock

Ginkgo Capsules - 475 mg, 60 Veg Capsules (Ginkgo biloba)
The “Fossil Tree” for Anti-Aging Support
Item #Celebration176AX

Hawthorn Berries, Organic, Cut, 4 oz (Crataegus oxyacantha)
Discover Nature's Heart Helper
Item #Celebration192RC4
Out of Stock

Herbal Detox® - 475 mg, 60 Veg Capsules (Nature's Wonderland)
Whole Body Detoxifier For Vibrant Health!
Item #CelebrationS25BX
Out of Stock

Herbal Purifying Laxative™ - 525 mg, 60 Veg Capsules (Nature' Wonderland)
Gentle Cleanser Keeps Your System Clean & Toxin-Free
Item #CelebrationS40X
Out of Stock

MSM Capsules - 1000 mg, 60 Veg capsules (Nature's Wonderland)
Pure MSM for Joint & Cartilage Support
Item #CelebrationV43
Out of Stock

Melatonin - 3 mg, 100 lozenges (Nature's Wonderland)
Get Your Body In Sync And Rest Easy Tonight
Item #CelebrationV42

Nico Hab Stop™ - 450 mg, 60 Veg Capsules (Nature's Wonderland)
Make The Transition To A Healthy, Smoke-Free Life
Item #CelebrationS53X

Olbas Inhaler – Olbas Oil Inhaler – Pocket Size
Take The Power To Breathe Wherever You Go!
Item #CelebrationLIN

Prostaid Plus™ - 575 mg, 60 Veg Capsules (Nature's Wonderland)
Get Natural Relief Fast With Our Prostate Comfort Formula
Item #CelebrationS44AX
Out of Stock

Rose Buds & Petals, Whole, 1 oz (Rosa centifolia)
Experience The Timeless Scent & Taste of Roses
Item #Celebration358W1

Sarsaparilla Root, Capsules - 575 mg, 60 Veg Capsules (Smilax officinalis)
Tropical Tonic Recharges Health & Vitality
Item #Celebration373X
Out of Stock

Sinu Care™ - 525 mg  60 Veg Capsules (Nature's Wonderland)
Sneezin' Season? Soothe Sinus Miseries
Item #CelebrationS51X

Spirulina Tablets - 500 mg, 100 tablets (Nature's Wonderland)
THE High-Protein, Super Greenfood
Item #CelebrationV48

Tribulus Standardized Extract - 500 mg, 60 capsules (Nature's Wonderland)
Men’s Health Herb Boosts Vitality
Item #CelebrationV84

Trim & Slim® - 700 mg, 60 Veg Capsules (Nature's Wonderland)
Get Fit & Trim With Our Best-Selling Thyroid Tonic
Item #CelebrationS38X
Out of Stock

Vitamin A 10,000 IU 100 softgels (Nature's Wonderland)
Get On the "A" List for Eye, Skin & Immune Health
Item #CelebrationV1

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