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Health Tips For Children

Top Natural Remedies For Healthy Children

Childrenís bodies are amazingly resilient. Thatís why an integrative approach, coupled with gentle, natural remedies, can go a long way toward nourishing and nurturing childrenís vitality.

Here are a few basic remedies for promoting overall health:

  • Chamomile...gentle home remedy soothes childrenís upset stomach and calms little nerves.
  • Childrenís MultiVites ...provides the essential nutrients for healthy development, especially important for finicky eaters.
  • Kidí Echinacea Plus...gentle immune tonic fortifies childrenís defenses.

Give your child a healthy and natural foundation!

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Kid's Echinacea Plus Liquid Extract, 1 fl oz / 30 ml (Nature's Wonderland)
Echinacea - Vitamin C Blend For Children's Immune Support
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Children's Multi-Vite, 60 chewable tablets (Nature's Wonderland)
Gluten-Free Multivitamins For Your Growing Child
Item #V56

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Chamomile Flowers, Whole, Organic, 4 oz (Matricaria chamomilla)
Calming Chamomile Soothes Nerves & Upset Stomach
Item #097RW4

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